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Ayurvedic shampoo bar

Ayurvedic shampoo bar

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 This shampoo bar is the ultimate cleanser not only does it clean your hair with out stripping it also helps to stimulate circulation  and increase blood flow to the scalp.     Benefit of this shampoo  bar                        

Help to deep clean without  stripping the hair                          

Combat the ageing of the hair follicle.     Help with c scalp  like dandruff      And it’s natural  conditioning  properties     Increase  circulation to the scalp  and stimulate  hair growth               Ingredient   Hemp seed oil , bentonite , clay, bringril powder, fenugreek powder, amla powder, lemongrass oil shikakai powder, African black soap, neem powder, peppermint oil, glycerin, rosemary oil,soy protein 

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